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Animal Dreams Coloring Book Author

Allison {SunGee} Gee

Allison has a career in childcare and started drawing unique animal images for the children to color. Children were amazed that she had free hand drawn the animals, and they loved coloring them all in. It soon became known at the daycare that Allison is a talented artist so she decided to start publishing coloring books for all children to enjoy. Allison draws cute, happy animals, and inside the animals are images of what the animal might dream about.
For all your inquiries, please contact Allison at:    allison@animaldreamscoloring.net 

Disclaimer: Although this animal art may appear very similar to other animal in animal drawn art, these images are original images, based on an original idea.  No other art, designs, or drawings were copied or were the inspiration for the making of Animal Dreams Coloring Books.  The idea arose out of an activity done with children while working in childcare.  The outline of animals were drawn by viewing several photos of the real animal. Within each animal are drawn images of what the animal might dream about. Suggestions for design and what an animal might dream about were often provided by children, family, and friends.  All 8 coloring books were published in one year. As she knew these drawings were original, the author was unaware that there was a gamut of other well known animal in animal drawn art.  Allison Gee has since moved on to other creative outlets, such as poetry.


Other books by Allison Gee
Indigo Window: Dreams & Art   $30.00 + shipping
This book is like a window into a soul. It is a book of art by Allison and it is a dream journal. It also gives helpful information about how to remember your dreams and do intuitive drawing.